"Alenka is the best yoga teacher I have ever seen . She teaches with her hearth and soul and she knows exactly what you need to improve your flexibility and posture. I will miss her dearly." - Antonio

"I have greatly enjoyed yoga classes with Alenka and will miss her now that she has moved onto a new chapter.  She is a very kind and considerate teacher and gives the perfect balance of physical challenge and gentle, restorative relaxation in her classes. I always emerge feeling a million times better than when I went in. As a result I have always looked forward to Monday evenings in a way that is unaccustomed for all other exercise classes/regimes!" - Alison

"Alenka brings a gentle kindness to her yoga classes, which nevertheless leave one well and truly stretched. Her background in dance means that she pays particular attention to how a small adjustment can make a big difference to a posture. What I enjoy most though, is how welcoming and enabling Alenka is, which means that, over time, I have started to find a kinder relationship with my body, noticing when I need to rest, giving myself a time in the week to focus inwards and yet feel more whole. Many thanks." - Helen

“I can’t recommend Alenka’s yoga classes more highly. I took a weekly pregnancy yoga class with her when pregnant with my first baby and I looked forward to it each week. She took time at the start of each class to welcome each person, to find out what pains or issues they had been experiencing during the week, and gave specific advise regarding how to deal with these problems. The pace of the class was easy to keep up with but never boring. Her voice was always calm and encouraging and the visualizations she used were really helpful in my labour. She’s the best yoga teacher I have met and I would love to attend her classes again.” - Marita

It's been absolutely fantastic having you as a yoga teacher. I've been doing yoga on and off for 19 years and definitely not a natural. I've never really found a teacher where I properly committed and got into it and so coming to your evening classes for a couple of years and then your pregnancy yoga classes has been absolutely fantastic. I'm very sad to see you leave now I finally found a teacher and a style I like. - Crystal


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